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Algae is in-game challenge number 1 of Cell Lab. You unlock the cell Phagocyte upon completing this challenge.


Use the genome editor to make a species that thrives in the environment of this challenge.
When ready, put a cell on the substrate under the microscope and unfreeze it to see if it is viable.
100 cells are needed to complete this challenge.

Difficulty: Easy

Cell Types Allowed: Only Photocytes

Inserted Cells: 10

Hints [math]\quad[/math]
The default cell will suffice for this challenge.
All cells need energy and the Photocytes available in this challenge get energy from sunlight.
Sunlight is incident on the bright area at the top of this substrate.
Spoiler [math]\quad[/math]
Tap on the bright area at the top of the petri dish to add a default cell and change the temperature to observe.

This level is a typical reach a cell count type challenge.


This substrate has a fairly low Salinity, but it has a strong fixed light source with a low range that is perfect to incubate Photocytes.

[The closest Substrate Replica isn't currently avaliable]

The Beta Update allows you to copy a challenging plate into experimental mode.


This challenge is unusual in the sense that the default genome is enough to solve it. The player needs only to place a cell close to the top edge, in the bright part of the substrate, and the objective will be easily met.

Of course, Evolution and design can produce organisms that can get higher cell counts; for example, checking make adhesin on the default mode brings up the cell count up to spikes of 170 and then it stabilizes around 140.


  • This challenge can be solved without visiting the Genome Tab.
  • The default genome averages 127 cells in this challenge.