Challenge Decimation

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Decimation is in-game challenge 16 of Cell Lab and unlocks the cell gene Keratinocyte and further challenges when completed.


Your research team has developed a new type of cell that you need to test. The Devorocyte sucks nutrients from other cells upon touching them. Can you decrease the number of cells in this substrate to below 300?

Difficulty: Easy / Undergrad

Cell Types Allowed: Phagocytes, Flagellocytes, Photocytes and Devorocytes

Inserted Cells: 0-3


This substrate has a 25% Salinity and a Max nutrient rate but with small nutrient chunks. There is a Macrophage species that lives in this substrate.


Simply place 3 Devorocytes with a split mass of around 2.4 ng and a 90° Split Angle around the substrate.


  • The Macrophage Species Here Can Complete Macrophages III.