Challenge Macrophages

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Macrophages is the In-Game Challenge number 4 in Cell Lab


Another cell type is now available, the Phagocyte. It can eat the small brown dots you might have seen appear when cells die.
Eating this pieces of nutrients makes them grow.
No light source is present in this challenge, but pieces of nutrients are being continuously sprinkled on this substrate.
Can you make a species that can multiply to 300 cells?

Difficulty: Easy

Cell Types Allowed: Photocytes and Phagocytes

Inserted Cells: 30

Hints [math]\quad[/math]
Just place a couple of Phagocytes with default settings on the substrate and wait and see.
In a little while you should have 300 cells

This one is a typical 'reach a cell count' kind challenge, in this case the player needs to place an species on the organism that will reproduce enough to meet this count.


This substrate has no sunlight, but the nutrient chunks is spread everywhere on the substrate, making Phagocytes easier to split.

[The closest Substrate Replica isn't currently avaliable]


This challenge is very particular in the sense that the default genome is enough to solve it. The player needs only to place a couple of cel on the subtrate and the objective will be easily met.


  • This challenge can be solved without visiting the Genome Tab.
  • While all of the cell is placed in all parts of the subtrate, the cell count can reach 300 and above.