Farting Macrophage

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This Asexual Nonsentient Mitotic Macrophage is an organism that can complete challenge 59: Move It!.


The Farting Macrophage consists of two Phagocytes which feed the organism. The front phagocyte does not split; the rear phagocyte is constantly splitting with a 20/80 split ratio. If it is large enough, it can split a viable phagocyte that is the initial cell.

As it lacks programmed Stereocytes and Senseocytes, it doesn't exhibit smart behavior.


As a Macrophage, it needs nutrient chunks in the enviroment to survive on its own. Since it doesn't develop Keratinocytes, it's vulnerable to Predators and the effects of Glueocytes and Virocytes.

Since it can't detect and search for food it relies on random chance to encounter nutrients, so very scarce environments (specially if the species is not designed to endure harsher substrates) will kill this Swimmer.

It is very slow if not immobile in dry substrates.

Genome and Variations

It uses 3 modes.

  • M1 = Splits to M2/M3, make adhesin
  • M2 = Splits to M1/M2, 20/80 ratio
  • M3 = Does not Split (Variations may change this)


  • It's the simplest organism that uses only one cell type.