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The Flagellocyte is a cell type unlocked after completing the challenge "Macrophages".


This cell has a Flagellum at the rear that it uses for propelling itself.

The Flagellocyte is the main way of cell propulsion, altough in dry substrates or substrates with intense gravity it becomes highly inefficient or completely useless. It has no means of feeding itself, so is almost exclusively used attached to other cells, altough it can be used alone as a color signal or form of alimentation in certain scenarios.

Its Swim force setting ($f_{swim}$) can be changed from the default 0.45 from 0 to 1, increasing and decreasing the force (push) that the cell has. This swim force can also can be programmed with Signal Substance Dependence.

It will immediately die upon spawn if its tail is against or 'inside' another cell.

Energy Usage

It has a default energy usage cofficient of 1.0 ng/h.

Additionally it uses [math] f_{(swim)}\times(0.08\,ng/h\quad + f_{(swim)}\times0.409756\,ng/h)[/math], where [math]f_{(swim)}[/math] is the swim force setting.

The swim force is in turn given by [math]F_{(swim)}=f_{(swim)}\times3.8580247\times10^{-21}N[/math]


  • In the current version (74), there is a way to make a Flagellocyte have its tail 'inside' another cell and avoid the death of it in the spawn, using a Stemocyte programmed to immediately differentiate into a Flagellocyte.