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The Gamete is a Cell_Types unlocked after completing the challenge "Digestion" and is seen in the challenge "Population Bottleneck"


This cell has half a nucleus with a wavy outline surrounding it, if fused with another Gamete, it will share its genomes and become any one of the other genome's modes This cell doesn't have the ability to split since it has half of its genomes

How it works

Example :
One organism consist of 3 cells: Flagellocyte, Phagocyte, and Gamete, they are colored red. And one other organism consists of the same 3 cells but they are colored blue. Both of the Gamete shares M1 genome. When they collide, its daughter is M1, but with mixed colors. Here is the sample points of daughter :

  • r,r,r
  • r,b,r
  • r,r,b
  • r,b,b
  • b,r,r
  • b,b,r
  • b,r,b
  • b,b,b

Note : r = red. b = blue


  • Gametes are slightly transparent compared to other cells, it also makes nutrient chunks more visible
  • Both Gametes and Buoyocyte's are the only cells with a different nucleus