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The Glueocyte is a cell type unlocked after completing the challenge "Floaters".


The Glueocyte is a cell with long hair-like extensions surrounding its body. It has the ability to adhere to other cells and the edge of the plate with adhesin connections upon touch.

The main use for this cell is to get organisms attached to the edge of the substrate, and connect two cells that were previously unconnected. This can be done to transfer Signal Substances, feed parasites and organisms among others reasons.

With a big enough difference in Nutrient Priority between two organisms, the one with higher having a Glueocyte, there can be a situation where the Glueocyte drains the other organism's nutrients, killing it in the process (specially if the other organism has all of its modes with the Priortize boxes ticked off). This is an uncommon but possible way of building a Predator.

The Glueocyte can't stick to cells directly connected to a Keratinocyte.

It's a low consumption cell with an energy use of 0.1 ng/h


  • There are 33 long hair-like extensions around this cell.
  • It can only adhere a maximum of 5 cells at one time.