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This Asexual Nonsentient Mobile Macrophage is a notable variation of the Basic Swimmer with the particularity of being immune to aggresive cells.


This Swimmer consists of 3 cells, one Phagocyte which feeds the organism, one Keratinocyte that protects it and one Flagellocyte that propels it. It starts with an Initial cell, usually but not exclusively Phagocyte, which splits with Make Adhesin checked to leave, usually, a Flagellocyte-Phagocyte pair to swim on the substrate. When the Phagocyte obtains enough energy, it splits again to generate the adult form of the Swimmer, with the Keratinocyte at the middle and a second Phagocyte that usually is the one responsible for reproduction. It doesn't exhibit smart behavior.

The most common version is built with a middle stage as a Basic Swimmer, which isn't immune. This means that the most common version is immune only on its adult stage.


Since it's a variation of the Basic Swimmer, its enviroment has the same characteristics. It needs nutrient chunks in the enviroment to survive on its own, very scarce enviroments will kill it and it can sustain some Gravity but too much in any direction will make the movement very difficult.

Its Flagellocyte won't be able to push the organism in dry substrates.

The difference is that this Swimmer can thrive in substrate with hostile species, such as Predators.

Genome and Variations

The most common life cycle of this organism uses 5 modes, although for a multi behavior it can use more with alot of variations. The only requeriments for this species is having a Keratinocyte, moving by Flagellocyte, having a Phagocyte as source of energy and not having sentient behavior.

The steps for making the simplest example of a basic Immune swimmer are:

  • Tick Make adhesin from M1
  • Change Child 1 of M1 to M2 and Child 2 of M1 to M3
  • In M2 change the cell type to Flagellocyte
  • Go to M3 and change Child 1 to M4 and Child 2 to M5 with Make Adhesin checked
  • Turn M4 into a Keratinocyte
  • In M5 change Child 2 to M1

Here's an example genome with a slightly more improved design: Immune Basic Swimmer

  • Fully Immune Basic Swimmer: If the M3 of the example is changed into a Keratinocyte with very low Split Mass, both daughters of M1 have Keep Adhesin unchecked and the M4 is in charge of the reproduction instead of M5, the result will be immune throughout all its life.


  • If the Phagocytes are switched into Devorocytes, then the result will be a Basic Mobile Predator
  • With the normal Immune Basic Swimmer, a Predator can only obtain nutrients by eting the swimmer in its early stage, either as a sigle Flagellocyte or Basic Swimmer.
    • Since the Keratinocyte is immune to every aggressive cell, the fully immune basic swimmer can only be killed by starvation or age.