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The Keratinocyte is a cell type unlocked after completing the challenge "Decimation". It produces and shares Keratin with the cells that are attached to it, making them immune to potential harm.


This cell looks like a normal cell with a thicker (or double) edge than usual. It has the ability to protect itself and every cell that is directly connected to it by adhesin from the effects of potentially harmful cells. It makes them immune to the effects of Devorocytes, Virocytes and Cyanide. Also Glueocytes can't get attached to cells protected by a Keratinocyte.

The Keratinocyte is a low consumption cell with an Energy Usage Coefficient of 0.1 ng/h.


  • With its low consumption and ability to protect from Virocytes, Devorocytes and Glueocytes, the Keratinocyte is one of the most powerful cells in the game.