Kite Swimmer

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Kite swimmer.png

The Kite swimmer is a mobile sentient asexual macrophage swimmer which behaves very similarly to Smart Swimmer but instead of having a Myocyte turn its Flagellocyte, the kite swimmer uses two Flagellocytes for steering.


Kite swimmer consists of 4 cells. A Phagocyte for eating, 2 Flagellocytes for moving and steering and a Stereocyte to detect food. The Stereocyte will also grow a Lipocyte egg from which a new swimmer will spawn.


As a Macrophage, it needs to gather nutrients, and it will steer towards them. This makes kite swimmer able to survive in substrates with scarce nutrients and also survive in low gravity enviroments.

It has no Keratinocytes, making it vurneable to predators, parasites and Virocytes.