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The Lipocyte is a cell type unlocked after completing the challenge "Macrophages III".


The Lipocyte is a cell with lipids surrounding the nucleus, that way it can store large amounts of nutrients in form of fat. At the same time, this cell spends very little nutrients to sustain itself, making it the ideal cell for storage of nutrients in an organism, which is its main use.

The second most common use is as cell eggs in very large and complex organisms that need a very high nutrient start. In challenges, Lipocytes can also be used in "Lipodropping", in which one "dumps" lipocytes just to raise substrate cell count.

Lastly, the Lipocyte is the only cell that signal substance can't diffuse through so they can be used for blocking signal substance.

The Lipocyte spends no energy in any scenario as a result of having an Energy Usage Coefficient of 0 ng/h.


  • Since all cells spawn with 3ng of mass and the Lipocyte transforms most of its mass in lipids, this cell spawns with more than 4 cells worth of nutrients; making it one of the best choices for Initial.
  • This cell is the only cell in the game that can have a daughter with 10 proportion in Split Ratio not die upon spawn.