Mine Cell

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Mine Cell

The Mine Cell is a cell that will trigger when other cells are near it. The Mine cell is located at the Avoidance level.


The Mine Cell consists of 3 cells: a Senseocyte, a Stemocyte, and a Photocyte, its survival supporter. The Mine is Everlasting, which means it can live forever in a Sunlight environment. The Senseocyte can smell any cell color even if the color is Green.

Cell Description

When triggered

Mine Cell while triggered.png

When triggered, the Stemocyte will differentiate into a red Photocyte; and the red Photocyte will multiply and fill up the environment to it's maximum cell limit, showing the player that he/she failed the challenge.


  • It's a cell that will not differentiate into other cells even if it's color is Green.
  • Using a Glueocyte connected with a (S-1) producing Secrocyte and attaching it to the Mine Cell, will prevent it from activating due to the (S-1) being produced.