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The Myocyte is a cell type unlocked after completing the challenge 34: Balloons".


This cell has several stripes inside of it that resemble muscular tissue and go from its back to its front.

This cell has the ability to bend, contract and lift its two ends and therefore change the relative position of the cells attached to it by adhesin connections.

This cell is almost exclusively used with Signal Substance Dependence and has one exclusive setting with its correspondient substance dependence button ([math][...][/math]) for each function: Muscle Contraction, Muscle bending and Muscle Lift.

Its main use if for variations on Sentient Swimmers. Its Muscle Contraction and Muscle Lift is the main form of building a Crawler, and the Muscle Bending and Contraction has been used as a way to steer Swimmers.

The Myocyte is a low consumption cell with an energy usage cofficient of 0.2 ng/h.


  • Even though the Myocyte is strong enough to bend relatively large organisms, it hasn't been found a way to use it as a way of breaking adhesin connections; which was theorized to be the second option to kill immune organisms. Therefore, currently, the only effective way is starvation.