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The Neurocyte is a cell type unlocked after completing the challenge 27: Infection.


This cell looks like a Phagocyte with 6 seed-like shapes around its nucleus, which light up in different colors when it produces signal.

The Neurocyte is one of the 3 Neuron Cells avaliable from the game, the others being the Stereocyte and Senseocyte. It can be programmed to constantly produce Signal Substance, or to use Signal Substance Dependence to do it, which can be used to manage, potentiate, negate or even mix signal substances. It has 4 sets of its exclusive settings, making it able of managing 4 completely independent sets of direct or substance dependence outputs.

It also can be programmed with a preset that makes it produce signal at a periodic rate.

The Neurocyte is a low consumption cell with an Energy Usage Coefficient of 0.2 ng/h.

Exclusive Settings

Output Channel

This determines which of the 4 signals will be produced by this mode. The options are S1, S2, S3 and S4. These substances behave exactly the same and the only difference is that any mode can only be programmed to depend on/produce one signal substance, meaning that if other type is present inside of it, it won't have an effect. This allows organisms to have different channels of signals inside of it that perform without altering each other.


This sets the amount of Signal Substance that this mode will produce when it senses the smell of what is programmed to smell.

Note that this value can be negative. Negative values will subtract and maybe cancel out with positive signals and will strengthen negative signals (of the same channel. So S1 will only cancel out or increase with other S1), while positive signals strengthen positive signals.

Oscillator Preset

The oscillator preset is an option that makes the settings of this mode to be a specific way in order to generate an oscillation in the signal substance output.

When this option is activated to make the Neurocyte oscillate between, for example, S1 and S2, the amount of S1 that the Neurocyte produces goes up and down, like a sine wave, from a large positive number to a large negative number, and back to a large positive number, an so on.

This preset is exactly that, a preset. Meaning that it just changes the settings to be a certain way, and by how the oscillation is worked out, it uses the 4 sets of settings. This means that the mode with a preset cannot be further programmed with other behavior or dependence without breaking the preset configuration.

Pressing this button opens a window that lets the user specify how this oscillation will be.

Amount of Adhesin Connections:

This option is only to make the oscillation work in certain configurations. By the nature of how the Signal Substances work, if a Neurocyte is spawned with alot of Adhesin connections, its signal will spread thinner into each one; so for a signal to be of significance it needs to be stronger. This setting calculates how much output will be neccesary to compensate for more adhesin connections.

Channel Oscillation:

This simply lets the user pick wich two signals will be the one that will oscillate. It can be any oscillation of the 4 taken by 2.


This changes the parameters of the outputs to change the frequency of the oscillations. The minimum is 1h and the maximum is 7h.


  • It's the only Neuron Cell that can be also programmed with Signal Substance Dependence