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The Phagocyte is a cell type unlocked after completing the first challenge of the game: "Algae"

It gets energy from eating the nutrient particles from the environment.


The Phagocyte is a cell that feeds from little particles that lay in the substrate surface, or nutrient chunks. It's one of the three main cells used for feeding an organism, the others being the Photocyte and the Devorocyte.

Its name comes from the real-life cell of the same name which comes from the Greek phagein, "to eat" or "devour", and "-cyte", the suffix in biology denoting "cell".

It's medium consumption cell with 1 ng/h of Energy Usage Coefficient.


  • It does not have any exclusive settings.
  • It is a cell used as Cell Lab's logo.
  • It is "probably" the most used cell in the game.