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To make sure that we get a useful wiki it is important that we have some principles to work against to keep the pages coherent and logically structured. Please feel free to edit this page and discuss it in its accompanying discussion page. That way we can end up with guidelines that most of us feel are useful.

Goal of this wiki

This wiki is supposed to primarily serve three purposes:

  • Cell Lab documentation. Cell Lab is a bit of a complicated game and a lot of its mechanics have to be implicitly understood by the user or found out by experimenting. This wiki is supposed to explain the mechanics of Cell Lab in much more detail than what can be done within the app itself. These details are not necessary for solving most challenges but can be of interest for more advance use.
  • A fun bank of Cell Lab creations. This topic can be further divided into, "natural organisms", "esoteric organisms". The first category are organisms that one could imagine evolution would come up with given enough time. Their page have to describe in which environment they are one of the close to optimal species. However most of these organisms would of course be man-made, but they have to be self reproducing and optimal in some sense. I think it could be fun to classify these organisms in some way, with some sort of fake biological classification scheme to kind create a nice Cell Lab lore. The latter category includes organisms that make fractals, logical circuits, ...
  • A place where useful information related to Cell Lab can be displayed. These are things that would be sticky on the forum or perhaps fit better on the page. However a wiki is a convenient place to put some things and edit them. This could be current bugs and workarounds, guides on installation, FAQ, Cell Lab user statistics... These things would probably mostly be edited by Petter.

What this wiki is not

Since we already have a discussion forum that serves several purposes, we should use this wiki for things that the forum does not. In the forum we can ask for help, post cool creations, post challenges, post bugs and ideas. In this wiki we only post the "best" from the forum. For pages here there should be some consensus that the topic is actually pretty cool, and unique. If there is a page about swimmers, don't make a new page. Try to make improvements to the current page. If you make a new cool organism, post it in the forum. If there is a big discussion about it and people find it interesting, we should add it here. In there forum cool stuff come up all the time, but after a while it gets buried deep in the forum. Here we can have a permanent accessible storage.

Creating pages

All pages should be reachable from the front page. Make sure to add relevant links to your page so that it can be found without searching.

Attaching files

Images of type png and gif are allowed and also substrates and genomes. It is not recommended to post genomes, it is almost always better to post a substrate containing a cell of the genome in question. If posting a challenge or ecosystem that only allows certain cell types, make sure to set the gene pool to those cell types so we can easily see in the app what is allowed. When posting screenshots from Cell Lab, make sure that maximum antialiasing is used.