Protective Spore Flower

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Spore Protective Flower.png

Protective Spore Flower is a organism that can reproduce by getting energy from sunlight. That organism is located at Infestation level.


When spawned,the Flagellocyte that is attached on its pushes the M1 away from its egg,and the M1 will start to change its form. When its body becomes circuliar, an inserted Photocyte will produce multiple Photocytes that will reproduce inside the shell of Keratinocytes.

Cell Description

When it creates the offsprings

After a while, Keratinocytes get crushed by the offsprings inside and then the offsprings will spread to everywhere, searching for more space to change its form

How to kill it

Since the offsprings inside are protected by the shell, the player needs to manually insert a Devorocyte inside which needs to destroy every offspring inside so they don't spread.


  • The Photocyte can be sucked by Devorocyte even though the Photocyte is inside the Keratinocyte's protective ring.