Revivor Basic Swimmer

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Revivor Basic Swimmer (3).png

This Asexual Nonsentient Mobile Macrophage is called Revivor Basic Swimmer.


This organism can revive when it reaches its age limit. This organism consists of 3 cells :

  • Flagellocyte, for swimming around the substrate.
  • Stemocyte, for reviving. The Stemocyte is used so that it will differentiate into an M1 after it reaches its targeted age.
  • Phagocyte, for reproducing.

Even if the Flagellocyte and the Phagocyte dies, if the Stemocyte has enough nutrients to survive, the Stemocyte will differentiate into an M1 and grow into the swimmer again.


It thrives in a sunlight substrate because it is needed for reviving the organism. It lives with a medium nutrient rate, because it is categorized in Macrophages . It lives in medium viscosity, because of the Flagellocyte it will be useless if placed in a dry environment. It lives in a medium salinity substrate. Since it is not protected by Keratinocyte, it will die if it encounters either a Devorocyte, Secrocyte, or Glueocyte, but if all pf the parts die but the Stemocyte survives, it has a chance to revive.

Genome and Variations

You can make many variations of this organism, but don't forget to keep its Stemocyte part to the swimmer. It can use at least 5 modes for making this organism.

The steps for making the simplest example of a Revivor Basic Swimmer are :

  • M1 Phagocyte : Make Adhesin = True; ch1 = M2 ch2 = M3; Adhesin Stiffness = 35.0
  • M2 Flagellocyte : Split Mass = Never split; speed = 0.14; Prioritize = False; Make Adhesin = True. Adhesin Stiffness = 35.0
  • M3 Phagocyte : Make Adhesin = True; ch1 = M4 ch2 = M5; Adhesin Stiffness = 35.0
  • M4 Stemocyte : Make Adhesin = True; Differentiation path 1 mode = M1; Path 1 Signal =

Input = Cell age / 240 h Value = a x value + b a = 3.48 b = 0.00


  • This organism has 75% chance to revive
  • This organism only work if in v83 above