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The Secrocyte is a cell type unlocked after completing the challenge "Scarce Conditions".

It secretes different molecules to its surroundings.


This cell has molecules that are moving outward from the nucleus constantly secreting into the enviroment.

It can produce Food Smell, Wall Sense Activator, Light Sense Activator, and Coated Food Smell that Senseocytes and Stereocytes can detect. It also can produce Substances that increase or decrease the amount of the determined Signal Substance in any cell that gets near the Secrocyte, which is determined with +SX and -SX with X being 1, 2, 3 or 4. +SX increases the X Signal, and the -SX decreases it.

Lastly, it can also produce HCN, Lipase , and Protease.

The Secrocyte is a low consumption cell with an energy use of 0.3 ng/h


HCN is a poisonous chemical that kills cells over time. Cells in direct contact to a Secrocyte that produces Cyanide will turn yellow and die quickly. A brief moment of contact will cause them to turn green, killing them more slowly. Cyanide will diffuse through adhesins when a cell splits, and like nitrate, it is equally distributed to daughter cells no matter what the split ratio is.

Cyanide can't poison cells protected by Keratinocytes, but it can kill a Keratinocyte if it poisons an unprotected cell connected indirectly to that Keratinocyte.

Cells that come in contact with a low enough amount of this substance will eventually diffuse it and go back to normal, without dying.


Lipase is an enzyme that can break lipids on nutrient so Phagocyte can eat it. But the cell that connected directly by Secrocyte will die slowly even thought the poisoned cell is also connected to the Keratinocyte.


Protease is an enzyme that can break the adhesin connections of two cells when touched by Secrocyte.