Smart Swimmer

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this Asexual Sentient Mobile Macrophage is often referred to as the Smart Swimmer, and is referred to as such due to its "smart" behavior when in search of food.


The Smart Swimmer is comprised of 4 cells; A Flagellocyte that propels the microorganism, a Myocyte, a Stereocyte which steers the organism towards food via myocyte, and a Phagocyte which both feeds the organism and helps it reproduce when the cell reaches a certain mass. The organism reproduces through the medium of spitting out another Initial cell, one that eventually becomes another Smart Swimmer.


Since the organism is a Macrophage, it requires nutrient chunks located in the environment to survive. This macrophage lacks Keratinocytes and is thus, an easy target for Glueocyte parasites, Virocytes and Predators. One thing that makes this organism very special in particular is that it can thrive in environments with little to no nutrient concentration better than a Basic Swimmer can because it is programmed to steer towards food via a Stereocyte and Myocyte. This also makes it easier for the organism to survive in substrates with gravity enabled.