Soil Makers

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The Soil Makers are mechanical constructions that use light as fuel to produce substrates with obstacles on them.


The Soil Makers are a set of genomes that constantly drop cells into its enviroment, usually Keratinocytes, to create a substrate with 'soil'-like enviroment, in form of obstacles. It's basic form uses just a Photocyte to constantly spit Keratinocytes although another version has attached a Keratinocyte attached so is also immune.

The Soil Makers were firstly designed by EuSouAFazenda.


All variations of the soil makers need light to work.


The basic structure can be made with two modes. The Initial Cell has one of its childs being its own mode and the other one is the one that will act as the soil, generally a Keratinocyte. Then the split angles and child angles have to be set in a way to produce a circular motion so the organism doesn't navigate the substrate too much.