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The Stemocyte is a cell type unlocked after completing the challenge "Deception".


This cell has two areas around the nucleus slightly colored blue and red (without 100% opacity).

It can change into other modes of the same genome based on its settings. If it's programmed with a Path Signal larger than 0.5, it will automatically differenciate into the specified mode; altough this feature is not very used. Usually it's programmed with a Signal Dependence. That way, a Stemocyte will remain a Stemocyte until it is triggered by a signal substance to differentiate. These signals may come from Secrocytes, Senseocytes, Neurocytes and even Stereocytes as in the organism Blinkers.

The main use for the Stemocyte is to have a cell with passive or no function, until a certain trigger happens that changes the cell to have a function. It has been used for mine organisms, Sexual Reproduction, Logic Gates, everlasting species among others. It has a Energy Usage Coefficient of 0.1 ng/h.

Particular Settings

The Stemocyte has the same settings as every normal cell, except by 3 settings. The first one is the "Differentiation Path Mode", that simply dictates which Mode the Stemocyte will turn when it does.

The Second one is the "Path Signal" that sets which output the Stemocyte will have. This output isn't a signal, but a number for itself. If that number is higher than 0.5, the cell will automatically turn.

The third one is the [...] button that opens the window for Signal Substance Dependence. The output of this programming will be the Differenciation path value, so if the programming produces an output larger than 0.5, the Stemocyte will differenciate.

The Stemocyte has 2 sets of these buttons, so it can have independent programming to differenciate into two different modes.


  • The colored areas around the nucleus become bigger or smaller depending on the value of the path signal.
    • As a result of this, if both path signals values are -1, the Stemocyte will have the appearance of a Phagocyte
  • A Stemocyte that differenciates into another mode doesn't reset its age.