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The Stereocyte is a cell type unlocked after completing challenge 35: "Friction".


The Stereocyte is a cell with two sets of hair-like extensions in each side and 6 seed-like shapes inside of it that change color when Signal Substance is produced.

It is one of the 3 Neuron type cells, the other two being the Neurocyte and Senseocyte. Its main use is for producing any of the 4 type of Signals based on left or right smell. It can detect food or certain color of other cells.

Particular Settings

This cell shares its exclusive settings with the Senseocyte.

Smell Type

This determines if this mode will detect either Food Smell, Color Smell, Coated Food Smell, Light Smell, Wall Smell, or Velocity Smell. By default, it will be set to detect Color Smell. If it's set to detect Food, the Color Settings and Color Threshold options will have no effect in this mode's behavior.

The functions of smell type are :

  • Food Smell : Detects food nearby
  • Color Smell : Detects color of certain cells nearby
  • Coated Food Smell : Detects coated food nearby
  • Light Smell : Detects light nearby
  • Wall Smell : Detects wall nearby
  • Velocity Smell : Detects and count how fast the speed of cell that collide Stereocytes; and detect the speed of Stereocyte itself.
Output Channel

This determines which of the 4 signals will be produced by this mode. The options are S1, S2, S3 and S4. These substances behave exactly the same and the only difference is that any mode can only be programmed to depend on/produce one signal substance, meaning that if other type is present inside of it, it won't have an effect. This allows organisms to have different channels of signals inside of it that perform without altering each other.


This sets the amount of Signal Substance that this mode will produce when it senses the smell of what is programmed to smell.

Note that this value can be negative. Negative values will subtract and maybe cancel out with positive signals and will strengthen negative signals (of the same channel. So S1 will only cancel out or increase with other S1), while positive signals strengthen positive signals.

This value will be different proportionally to the intensity of the 'smell'. If it senses alot of color, or lots of food, it will output more Signal than if the presence of the simuli is smaller.

Color Settings

This set of values determine which color this mode will detect.

Color Threshold

This sets how much different can a color from a foreign cell can be from the one specified above and still be detected.

Note: The default threshold is 0, which makes the mode detect no color whatsoever. To make it actually detect something, it needs to be changed a bit.

The main use for this cell is in Sentient (smart) Swimmers, since it can differentiate if food or certain cell is either left or right. It's then paired with a programmed Myocyte or Flagellocytes that will turn the organism towards (or away, as is in the case of Avoiders), that piece of food or colored cell.


  • This cell looks a Senseocyte that evolved to have all of its 'hairs' in each side.