Mine Cell

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Mine Cell pic.png

Mine Cell

Mine Cell is a cell that will trigger while other cells is near it. Mine cell is located at Avoidance level.


Mine Cell consists 3 cells, Senseocyte, Stemocytes,and its survival supporter. The Mine is Everlasting,that mean it can live forever in Sunlight environment. Senseocyte can smell any color of cell even its color is Green.

Cell Description

While triggered

Mine Cell while triggered.png

While triggered,the Stemocyte will differentiate into red Photocyte; and the red Photocyte will multiply and fulfilling the environment, indicating if the player is failed to beat the challenge.

How to

One solution to not make it trigger is avoid it. And how to avoid it is make Brain.


  • It is a cell that will not differentiate into other cell even its color is Green
  • How to make the Mine can't detect other cells is adding Secrocyte secreting (S -1)

connected with Glueocyte and put it near Stemocyte. So, Stemocyte can't detect other cells near it because Secrocyte erasing the S1 Signal from Stemocyte